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Lying area

More comfort and less work

The tried and tested BELMONDO® Classic is particularly robust thanks to its reinforced surface. It is, therefore, also suitable for greater loads, e.g. heavy or restless horses. BELMONDO® Classic is pleasantly soft, improves sure-footedness and provides support when getting up and lying down. The soft surface structure helps to reduce chafing, especially among sensitive horses, to a minimum. The vulcanized rubber mat is heat insulating and also compatible with vehicle traffic. Thanks to the precise puzzle interlock system, the mats can be simply installed using a floating method. The use of BELMONDO® loosebox mats reduces the need for bedding, the amount of dust and manure in the stable and the effort required for maintenance!

  • Horse-friendly soft
  • Highly robust
  • Less work and costs
BELMONDO® Classic fact sheet
18 mm
1 x 1 m, 4-sided puzzle
Width x length
Horseshoe profile with top coat

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Improved comfort and hygiene for your horse

BELMONDO® rubber flooring improves sure-footedness and supports a natural hoof mechanism. The mats are shock absorbing and help to protect tendons and joints. Moreover, the rubber has an insulating effect – this means less cold from below for the horses, resulting in fewer muscle disorders and stiffness. The vulcanized rubber does not absorb liquids. Bedding is, therefore, needed to soak up moisture. The rubber mat system with a minimum amount of bedding offers your horse the same constant level of softness and comfort 24 hours a day. The stable climate improves significantly, as less dust is stirred up thanks to the reduced amount of bedding.

Source: Benz et al., 2014

Confident lying behavior

Horses often react sensitively to and change their lying behavior on new ground. A study carried out by the Department of Equine Management at Nuertingen-Geislingen University showed: Quite soon after installation of the mats, the horses switched back their usual lying positions and demonstrated confident lying behavior. After several weeks, the horses spent more time lying on the rubber mats with straw pellets than they did on a conventional straw bed.

Less labor and costs for you

BELMONDO® rubber flooring helps to cut costs. Bedding is only needed to absorb urine and can, therefore, be significantly reduced. The mat provides the same amount of necessary thermal insulation, slip resistance and comfort throughout the year. The reduced amount of bedding allows for lower purchase and storage costs as well as less manure. This also significantly shortens the time needed for loosebox maintenance. The mats are durable and can be fully recycled.

Source: Benz et al., 2013
Source: Benz et al., 2013

Significant labor hour savings

A study carried out by Nürtingen-Geislingen University compared the management of horse looseboxes using a standard alternating bedding method (ca. 8-10 cm of shavings) with the use of soft rubber mats with reduced bedding (3 cm of profiled rubber + ca. 1 cm of shavings). The rubber mat system with reduced bedding helped save a significant amount of time for loosebox maintenance.

Certified quality

Our products are fully tested both at our in-house lab and in test stables. Furthermore, we have them certified by DLG (German Agricultural Society) and by the Specialist Unit for Animal Husbandry and Animal Welfare (FTT) in Austria. Thanks to our unique recycling process, we are able to focus on resource-saving production and environmentally-friendly plasticizers. We were the first company to be awarded the DLG quality seal CONTINUOUS MONITORING. The entire manufacturing process – from the raw material to the finished product – is regularly examined and the actual products are subjected to a PAH migration test. You receive top quality products that are manufactured exclusively in Germany!

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Minimizing the risk of injury in the stable walkway

The concrete floor in the stable walkway of Josefin Fåke's stable had become slippery over time. To minimize the risk of injury to the horses, she decided to install BELMONDO® rubber mats in the stable walkway.

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Nicole Casper from Birkhof is very satisfied with the BELMONDO® mats

Based on the positive real-world experience of her industry colleagues, Nicole Casper from the Birkhof stud decided to install BELMONDO® Walkpro mats in her stable walkway and washdown area. Previously, she had equipped some of the looseboxes with BELMONDO® stable mats.

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Impressed with the quality of BELMONDO® mats for over 20 years

Johann Mayer from the Seehof riding center in Bavaria places strong emphasis on the well-being of the 60 horses in his stable. All the looseboxes and paddocks are equipped with rubber mats, some looseboxes are additionally equipped with impact protection mats on the walls. Rubber flooring also ensures slip resistance in the stable walkways, washdown and grooming are as well as in the horse walker.

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