BELMONDO® stable mats for looseboxes and lying areas

More horse welfare, less effort

The demands on a loosebox floor are high. It needs to be a compromise of stability and softness to protect your horse’s tendons and joints. Outstanding shock absorption also supports the hoof mechanism. We have developed our loosebox mats especially to meet these needs. The better sure-footedness also enables your horse to lie down and get up again without stress. Their softness and thermal insulation properties mean that our mats can also replace some of the bedding. The vulcanized rubber does not absorb liquids. Sufficient absorbent bedding is, therefore, still needed to soak up moisture. The system is also easy to keep clean. What is more, it creates less dust and less manure, resulting in a healthier stable climate. And the most important thing is: Your horse stands and lies soft, warm and dry – 24 hours a day.

The ideal mat for every horse: Horses with osteoarthritis or founder require an optimum soft, shock-absorbing floor. Nevertheless, they have to be able to stand in a stable position. In this case, choose the soft BELMONDO® Trend loosebox mat. For a robust and firm floor, select either BELMONDO® Classic or BELMONDO® Basic. In addition to puzzle mats, we also offer the jointless, large-area BELMONDO® Kingsize Cover.  

Generally speaking, all BELMONDO® loosebox mats are also suitable for lying areas. We especially recommend the extra-soft BELMONDO® Kingsize Duo for use in lying areas (e.g. in open stables). Its 2-layer composition is particularly elastic, enabling your horses to lie down even more comfortably.

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