The sport and leisure horses that live at the Seehof riding center want for nothing. All the looseboxes and paddocks, the stable walkway, functional areas and the horse walker are equipped with rubber mats.

Main focus is on well-being

Johann Mayer runs the "Seehof" riding center in Petting, situated close to the idyllic Lake Waginger. Boasting 66 looseboxes, two indoor rings, two round pens, a gallop track, two outdoor riding arenas, a spring water pond and much more, Seehof is one of the largest riding facilities in the Chiemgau region. Currently, ca. 60 horses are housed at the horse boarding stables that incorporate a riding school and horse training facility.

At the Seehof riding center, strong emphasis is placed on the well-being of the sport and leisure horses. All the looseboxes are spacious with large windows and plenty of daylight. Furthermore, most of them have their own loosebox paddock. All the looseboxes and paddocks are equipped with rubber mats to ensure optimum flooring.

Impact protection on the loosebox walls

The BELMONDO® Rodeo impact protection mat is installed in three looseboxes. The Mayers decided to fit this mat at the time because a quite valuable horse had a tendency to always kick the concrete wall in the loosebox. Thanks to the rubber mat, the risk of injury is minimized considerably. According to Johann Mayer, although the mats are heavy, they are very robust and also help to reduce the level of noise.

Short video on the installation of Rodeo mats

"Thanks to the rubber mats on the wall, the risk of injury is minimized considerably."

Johann Mayer

Mats in the stable walkway

The Mayers first installed BELMONDO® Walkway mats in a stable walkway 20 years ago. After cleaning, they almost look as good as new even today.

"Our oldest BELMONDO® mats are over 20 years old. They still look just as good as new. The quality is really very good."

Johann Mayer

BELMONDO® Walkpro mats have been installed in a further stable walkway since 2013. Johann Mayer previously tried mats from another manufacturer. In his opinion, however, they were in no way comparable to BELMONDO® mats in terms of their durability and longevity.

Walkpro mats are also installed in the grooming area and the solarium.

"What the Walkpro mats have significantly improved is the level of noise in the stable. Especially when horses with horse shoes walk on the mats, it's pleasantly quiet."

Johann Mayer

Slip resistance and easy-to-clean horse walker

The floor of the horse walker at the Seehof riding center is also equipped with BELMONDO® mats. The BELMONDO® Horsewalker mats ensure slip resistance and shock absorption. The hoof is well supported and can turn well at the same time. This helps to protect both tendons and joints. Moreover, the surface profile is easy to clean.

"Even in our horse walker, the mats have proven to be robust and low maintenance every day."

Johann Mayer

Making good even better with BELMONDO®

The Seehof riding center discovered the rubber mat about 20 years ago and has since covered more and more functional areas in and around the stable with BELMONDO® mats. Johann Mayer has witnessed a wealth of improvements in the stable thanks to the equipment and modernization measures.