Soft and insulating –
pleasant to lie or stand on.


Horse-friendly surface for the entire stable –
almost like the natural environment.


You’ll hear the drop in hoofbeat volume –
creating a strikingly pleasant atmosphere.


Less bedding and less work mean
more time for your horse.

Research has found that soft rubber mat systems with reduced bedding (approx. 1 cm) save time when mucking out. The rubber mat provides softness and insulation, the bedding is only needed to absorb moisture.

(Source: Benz et al., 2013)

In the study, horses spent slightly longer lying on rubber mats with straw pellets than on straw alone. Very soon after the installation of BELMONDO® Trend, they adopted their preferred lying position (lying down with confidence).

(Source: Benz et al., 2014)

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Product overview Product overview

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