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Gummiwerk KRAIBURG Elastik GmbH & Co. KG

Göllstraße 8
84529 Tittmoning

Our sales team

Otmane Abid
France, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, VAE, North Africa


Phone: +49 173 5871-108

Email: otmane.abid@kraiburg‐

Maria Baumgartner-Reichenspurner
Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania


Phone: +49 173 5871-166

Email: maria.baumgartner@kraiburg‐

Walter Englbrecht
Asia, Oceania


Phone: +49 173 5871-202

Email: walter.englbrecht@kraiburg‐

Sergej Ferder
Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Central Asia


Phone: +49 173 5871-262

Email: sergej.ferder@kraiburg‐

Gerald Häuslschmid
Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, South Africa, South and Central America, Romania


Phone: +49 173 5871-127

Email: gerald.haeuslschmid@kraiburg‐

Torben Marx
Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel


Phone: +49 160 9925-0395 


Joscha Sadowski


Phone: +49 173 5871-110


Jürg Wiesendanger
Greece, Cyprus


Phone: +49 173 5871-279

Email: juerg.wiesendanger@kraiburg‐

Ute Weickenkas-Rimberger
Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA, Ireland


Phone: +49 173 5894-455

Email: ute.weickenkas-rimberger@kraiburg‐

Johannes Zenz
Austria, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland


Phone: +49 173 5871-296

Email: johannes.zenz@kraiburg‐

Our order centre

Lena Brüderl
Germany West, Ireland, Iceland, USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Poland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, France


Phone: +49 8683 701-101

Email: lena.bruederl@kraiburg‐

Julia Hasholzner
Deutschland East, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic, Greece, Cyprus


Phone: +49 8683 701-527

Email: julia.hasholzner@kraiburg‐

Konrad Limmer
Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, VAE, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunesia, Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Turkey


Phone: +49 8683 701-396

Email: konrad.limmer@kraiburg‐

Cornelia Schwaighofer
Germany North, Netherlands, Norway, Estonia, Finland, Latviad, Lithuania, South and Central America, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, South and East Africa


Phone: +49 8683 701-130

Email: cornelia.schwaighofer@kraiburg‐

Sebastian Bauer
Germany South, Switzerland, Moldova, Israel, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belgium, Sweden, UK, Denmark


Phone: +49 8683 701-105

Email: sebastian.bauer@kraiburg‐

How to find us

Production and management

Göllstraße 8
84529 Tittmoning

Goods inwards

Kehlsteinstraße 5
84529 Tittmoning


Mühlbachstraße 7
84529 Tittmoning

No truck parking and no overnight parking available in the vicinity of the warehouse!

Do you want to purchase BELMONDO® products?

While we do not offer a direct sales service, our international sales network features a dealer locator to connect you with a qualified sales partner. They will gladly provide you with on‐site advice, assist with planning and manage sales and logistics.