The concrete floor in the stable walkway of Josefin Fåke's stable had become slippery over time. To minimize the risk of injury to the horses, she decided to install BELMONDO® rubber mats in the stable walkway.

Making the stable a little better with BELMONDO®

Josefin Fåke was worried about the horses being injured on the slippery concrete floor in the stable walkway. She also wanted it to be quieter when the horses pass through the stable walkway. In June 2022, she decided to install rubber mats in the stable walkway.

Josefin Fåke tries to make her stable a little better every year. The installation of BELMONDO® Walkpro was a top priority for her horses and their well-being.

"We've been using BELMONDO® Classic in all our looseboxes for many years and it's something I really can't do without."

Josefin Fåke

A good long-term investment

BELMONDO® Classic mats have been installed in all the looseboxes for many, many years, and it is something that Josefin Fåke really cannot do without. She is very satisfied with the excellent quality of the products. And that is why BELMONDO® was her first choice when it came to installing mats in the stable walkway. Josefin Fåke also sees this as a good long-term investment.

"I believe the mats are a good investment for many years to come."

Josefin Fåke

Improvements through Walkpro

Now that she has the mats in the stable walkway, Josefin Fåke no longer has to be so careful when the horses turn on the floor. And the level of noise is minimized successfully. It is pleasantly quiet in the stable and this ultimately benefits everyone. What Josefin Fåke particularly likes about the Walkpro mat is that it has a deeper, well-structured surface with a reinforced top coat.

"It's so pleasantly quiet in the stable. Much better for all of us!"

Josefin Fåke