BELMONDO® Kingsize Cover: Technical data

Dimensions Thickness Width Length
  15 mm 262 / 348 / 440 / 525 cm 250 - 600 cm in 10-cm increments

Suitable for every type of shoe.

Maintenance tip
To bind liquids, a small amount of absorbent bedding is always required. The actual amount required depends on the type of bedding, the individual behavior of the horse and the stable climate.
Treatment with a high-pressure cleaner and standard cleaning agents possible.
Optional accessory: VITA Top Height Width Length
Covering strip as optical border towards the wall 5 cm 5.5 cm 200 cm
Installation VITA Top  
Installation on the wall: Fix every 40 cm in the position groove
KRAIBURG fixings: Spax screws ø 5 x 60 mm (are supplied)
If required, use suitable plugs for the type of wall.  


Thickness: +3/-2 mm
Width + length: +/– 1,5 % (DIN ISO 3302–1 tolerance class M4)

Please refer to the relevant KRAIBURG specifications and installation instructions, which provide valuable hints and tips.

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