When it comes to keeping your horses in a stable, only the best is good enough! Needless to say, this applies, in particular, to stable hygiene. But what factors are crucial for good hygiene in the horse stable – and how do rubber stable mats impact cleanliness, health and the well-being of your horse? Discover more about the most important hygiene factors: How to improve stable hygiene for your horses.

Rubber loosebox mats are an ideal alternative to a conventional thick layer of bedding on concrete or wood. The BELMONDO® rubber mat system in combination with reduced bedding offers numerous advantages and can contribute to good stable hygiene and an excellent stable climate – from easier cleaning to improved air quality. The diminished amount of bedding tends to reduce the bacterial load and, in particular, mold growth. Furthermore, less bedding means less dust. All BELMONDO® stable mats have a closed-pored and impermeable surface that makes daily cleaning easier.

Stable climate: How to improve the quality of air and life in the horse stable

Poor air quality in stables is often the cause of respiratory diseases in horse husbandry. The stable climate in horse stables, therefore, plays a key role in promoting the health and well-being of the animals. Let us look at what guarantees a good stable climate and read the tips on how to ensure appropriate stable and climate management.

Molds in horse stables: Causes, effects and effective prevention

Moist, poor quality bedding, organic material and rising moisture from the ground offer the ideal breeding ground for fungi and other germs. BELMONDO® rubber mats are easy to clean and have demonstrated their ability to inhibit the growth of fungi and yeasts. This significantly reduces the risk of and exposure to molds in horse stables.

The "right" bedding in the horse stable

In addition to its actual management, the type and quality of the bedding also impact stable hygiene and the stable climate. Due to the wide range of options available, we will address the importance of the "right" bedding for horses and provide valuable tips on how to make the best decision for your horses.

Save on bedding thanks to rubber mats

Rubber stable mats can be used with a minimum amount of bedding in the lying area or without any bedding at all in activity areas. They thus allow you to do without large amounts of expensive bedding. This offers more than just financial advantages: The less bedding you use, the easier and, therefore, less labor-intensive it is to clean the horse stable. 

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