BELMONDO Paddock slip proof rubber paddock mat for horse stables

Good grip inall weathers

  • improved wet slip resistance
  • weatherproof and UV resistant
  • frostproof – frozen matter can be loosened more easily
  • easy installation due to interlocking joints

Installation: according to BELMONDO installation instructions*

Surface: rhombic profile with wear optimised top coat

Lower side: studs (5 mm)

Thickness: 24 mm

Dimensions: 1 m × 1 m, 4 sides with puzzle shaped edges


* Please take notice of the corresponding specifications and installation instructions with useful advice and tips.

BELMONDO Paddock slip proof rubber paddock mat for horse stables
BELMONDO Paddock rubber mat
slip proof rhombic profile with top coat on surface of BELMONDO Paddock rubber mat for horses
rhombic profile with top coat
studs on lower side of sure footed BELMONDO Paddock horse stable flooring made of rubber
studs on lower side
Examples from practice:
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