KRAIBURG‘s contribution to a healthy environment

BELMONDO rubber horse mats are environmental friendly recycling products


Our priority is to recycle high-quality raw materials by our unique manufacturing process! KRAIBURG raw materials consist of the best material from used tyres – which just provided for your safety on the road.

Our unique recycling procedure was one of the TOP TEN best recycling ideas in the Pro-Sieben (German TV) science programme “Galileo”!

Resource saving manufacturing

KRAIBURG BELMONDO contributes to a healthy environmentWhile manufacturing BELMONDO® rubber floorings, we hardly produce any waste. Our highly-developed manufacturing process enables us to feed the offcuts back into the production cycle.

Return guarantee

Return guarantee for used BELMONDO® products: we will gladly take back used BELMONDO® 
products of solid rubber at our factory, if you want to dispose of them. Please contact us beforehand to make the necessary arrangements.

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