BELMONDO® rubber floorings for horsewalkers

The BELMONDO® flooring systems for horsewalkers were especially developed for this application. Our focus is on an adapted softness designed to be gentle on hooves, joints and tendons, as well as to provide sure-footedness, which is important in outdoor areas also when it rains and in winter. The surface profiles offer very good wet slip resistance. Nevertheless, the hoof can turn on the mats without overstressing the hoof mechanism.

The BELMONDO® rubber mats for horsewalkers are individually tailor-made and easy to clean all year round. In outdoor areas frozen droppings or ice layers are no problem any more.

The products at a glance: 


Tailor-made for every horsewalker

detailed view
BELMONDO Motion tailor-made and sure footed rubber flooring for horsewalkers

BELMONDO Horsewalker

The Classic - tailor-made for every horsewalker

detailed view
BELMONDO Horsewalker tailor-made and sure footed rubber mat for horsewalkers

Have a look at the video with our BELMONDO® Horsewalker mat in practical use: 

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