BELMONDO® rubber floorings for walkways

BELMONDO® horse stable mats also offer many advantages on walkways.

Here, mainly the sure-footedness of the elastic mats plays an important role, as well as noise insulation. The stable mats are highly robust, resistant and easy to care. They can be cleaned easily and fast.

The products at a glance:


The simple otion – also for horse trailers

detailed view
BELMONDO Walkway slip resistant rubber flooring system for walkways in horse stables


Noise reducing and durable –
also for the indoor washing area

detailed view
BELMONDO Walkpro slip proof rubber mat for walkways in horse stables


Fancy some colour in the stable?
Safety and comfort – soon also in colour

detailed view
BELMONDO Style coloured rubber flooring for walkways in horse stables

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