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About the application

An adapted soft and non-slip floor cover offers many advantages.

  • Species-adapted flooring: as steppe animals horses are adapted to relatively soft ground. Even when the bedding is shoved to the side, the rubber mat still provides the shock absorption und sure-footedness needed. Hooves, tendons and joints are protected. We offer rubber floorings of varying softnesses, depending on your horse’s needs.
  • Savings on bedding: bedding is only needed for moisture absorption. The main functions of the floor cover are shock absorption and insulation. When the mats are properly maintained, your horse stands and lies on a soft, warm and dry surface 24 hours a day.
  • Reduction in the volume of manure through less bedding: this is especially interesting for farms with manure storage and disposal problems.
  • Less work removing manure means more time for your horse!
  • Stable climate: stable climate is positively affected. Less litter means less dust. Because of the very simple management less ammonia and other noxious gases are released into the air.

The rubber mats for horsewalkers and paddock mats are specially developed and tested by our company for their respective uses. Our focus is on an adapted softness designed to be gentle on hooves, joints and tendons, as well as to provide sure-footedness, which is important in outdoor areas also when it rains and in winter. The rubber flooring systems offer good wet slip resistance, confirmed by the DLG, too. DLG test seal: BELMONDO Paddock is tested by the DLG for slip resistanceDLG test seal: BELMONDO Horsewalker is tested by the DLG for slip resistance

Nevertheless, the hoof can turn on the mats without overstressing the hoof mechanism.

Through the specially developed softness of the horse mats the hoof sinks in slightly, which cushions the step on the one hand, while providing good footing on the other hand. In winter, thin ice layers break/loosen through animal movement alone. Thicker ice layers or frozen droppings can easily be loosened during manure removal/cleaning. Generally speaking, a BELMONDO® floor cover is easy to clean all year round and offers you and your horses comfort and safety every day for many years.

Yes. The Nürtingen-Geislingen University checked the economic efficiency of BELMONDO® loosebox mats. According to their calculations, with depreciation over 10 years, a cost advantage of about € 300 per loosebox and year was reached through savings in labour costs and bedding material alone.

Here you can view the study ».

BELMONDO® horse stable mats are developed and produced in Germany. Our mats are specially designed for their respective uses und are subject to very high quality standards. They are regularly tested in our in-house laboratory, as well as by external testing institutions. Furthermore, many of them have been licensed by the Austrian specialist department for animal-friendly husbandry and animal protection ». You and your horse will profit from their consistent quality for many years.

BELMONDO® rubber stable floorings are made of vulcanised rubber. In a unique process KRAIBURG recycles used tyres to make them. Tyre rubber offers outstanding features like dimensional stability, elasticity and high abrasion resistance, which are also very important characteristics for stable mats.

This is something a layman cannot see at first glance. For this reason we regularly have external test labs confirm these quality features, e.g. the DLG ». Furthermore, many BELMONDO® horse mats have a wear optimised top coat made from virgin rubber, which further increases abrasion resistance. You will find this information in the respective product information.

No. All BELMONDO® horse mats are suited for all common types of horseshoes.

Yes, we do not recommend bedding-free husbandry. However, significantly less bedding material is required when using loosebox mats. This has been proven in various scientific studies ».

Rubber mats insulate, provide comfortable softness, are shock absorbent and very slip resistant. However, sufficient absorbent bedding material is needed to bind fluids. The exact amount depends on individual conditions on-site (e.g. type of bedding, maintenance, horse behaviour, stable climate, ...).

The rubber horse mat itself is not water permeable, because it is made of vulcanised rubber. The mat does not absorb any moisture, which makes it easy to clean and take care.

For optimal hygiene in the loosebox you need a sufficient quantity of absorbent bedding to bind urine and other liquids. However, if liquid does seep underneath the mats, it does not normally pose a hygiene problem. With the handy square metre mats, it is also possible to clean underneath them, if necessary.

It is unlikely that liquid will collect underneath the loosebox mats if the installation instructions have been followed and sufficient absorbent bedding material is provided. Fine bedding particles seal the fine seams between the mats. If necessary though, it is very easy to clean underneath these handy square-metre mats.

Especially in outdoor areas like single paddocks in winter, frozen droppings and ice layers or compacted snow cause big problems.

Since BELMONDO® rubber floorings do not absorb moisture, ice does not stick to them. The softness of the mats causes thin ice layers to break from being walked on and chip off. Frozen horse droppings can easily be loosened and do not become "stumbling blocks" after days and weeks.

BELMONDO® offers a variety of soft loosebox mats made of rubber, so that we can provide the right flooring for your horse. Generally, horses as steppe animals need a plain and solid soil floor with some shock absorption/ softness.

Especially for a horse with arthrosis or laminitis, softer and more cushioning flooring is important, but where it can still step down on a flat surface and stand stably. Choose the softer loosebox mat BELMONDO® Trend » for these horses.

If your horses need more solid flooring, choose - depending on the stress - between the single mats BELMONDO® Classic » and BELMONDO® Basic » or the large-area flooring BELMONDO® Kingsize Cover ».

All BELMONDO® loosebox mats are sufficiently slip-resistant, so that even older horses or horses with a handicap can lie down and stand up well. Additionally, solid rubber mats are heat insulating.

About installation

Usually installing BELMONDO® horse mats is easy. One person can lay out the approximately 20 kg weighing square metre mats for the loosebox, walkway and paddock by himself very well. Normally no fixation to the ground is needed (floating installation). Through their own weight and their very exact puzzle seams, the mats lie stably on the ground.

BELMONDO® Step is fixed to the ground by screws.

Several people are needed to install large-area flooring systems.

Please take notice of the corresponding installation instructions »!

No. Rubber floorings are flexible and adapt to the ground. Even when you smooth and compact the soil, with time depressions will form where the horses frequently stand and walk. This can cause the interlocked puzzle seams to loosen.

The ideal surface for BELMONDO® horse mats is paved (concrete, asphalt, cobbles,...). No holes should be in the ground, and uneven areas must be levelled. The slope should be 2 % at the most. For BELMONDO® Kingsize Duo, BELMONDO® Kingsize and BELMONDO® Step, at least a 10 cm thick, even concrete surface is required. BELMONDO® Flix can be installed on soil. If you have a different ground or special requirements, please contact your local BELMONDO® dealer. To find the dealer closest to you click here ».

BELMONDO® horse mats can simply be cut with a sturdy carpet knife or a sharp kitchen knife. The mats can also be cut with a power jigsaw. You should use a serrated saw blade for this, because it makes a more exact cut.

About our company

We operate our own in-house laboratory and continuously test the properties of our products. For independent confirmation we also have them tested by the DLG ». Furthermore, many of our stable flooring systems have been licensed by the Austrian specialist department for animal-friendly husbandry and animal protection ».

Besides excellent product quality, manufacturing quality plays a decisive role. Our goal is to achieve more than just fulfilling general legal requirements, but furthermore apply environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. To ensure our consistent quality, we are certified with the worldwide ISO 9001 standard. Our effective energy management system is specially certified with ISO 50001.

More and more riders and horse breeders, whether professionally or recreationally, take advantage of the comfort and safety of BELMONDO® rubber floorings for themselves and their horses.

Among them are, e.g.: Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, William Fox-Pitt, Grischa Ludwig, the Bachl Stallion Station and many others.

If you are interested, have a look at the References ».

Are you interested in seeing our products being used close to you? Please contact us ».

KRAIBURG has been manufacturing high quality stable mats for animal husbandry for almost 50 years. Based on all this experience our mats are always specially designed for their respective uses. Animal health, comfort and durability are our focal points.

We only manufacture in Tittmoning, in Upper Bavaria, which makes the mats completely “Made in Germany.” To ensure our consistent high quality, our mats are continuously tested in our in-house laboratory as well as by independent institutions like the DLG ».

The puzzle edges are cut with precise water-jet technology. This makes the interlocking puzzle seams very exact. On request we can also custom cut.

We started manufacturing rubber mats for animal husbandry in 1968 in Tittmoning, in Upper Bavaria. From the beginning there was also a high demand for horse stable mats.

The BELMONDO® brand, especially for horses, has been available since 2006. The high quality of the Tittmoning products for animal husbandry is recognised in many countries around the world.

No, BELMONDO® horse mats are exclusively sold by retailers.

KRAIBURG has a dense network of dealers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Also in all other European countries and in many other countries BELMONDO® is sold commercially.

Our dealers are well-trained and present BELMONDO® at many events and fairs ».

To find the dealer closest to you click here ».

No, KRAIBURG only supplies the market with high quality mats. Substandard mats are recycled.

Used KRAIBURG solid rubber products that you want to dispose of can be taken back by us at the factory.

It is essential to contact us beforehand to clarify the conditions for the return (Mr. Bohner: +49 8683 701 152).


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