Soft rubber mats with reduced need for bedding material in looseboxes

Results from Nürtingen-Geislingen University, faculty of equine management

BELMONDO stable mat with less need for bedding material in the looseboxResearch

The study compares looseboxes managed in the full bed system (taking out muck and wet bedding on a daily basis and maintaining the bed at around 8-10 cm with shavings) and looseboxes with soft rubber matting (approx. 3 cm profiled rubber) on which the bedding material is reduced to 1 cm. In the latter the rubber mats offer softness and heat insulation, therefore the bedding is merely necessary to absorb fluids.


Working hours needed for maintenance of the loosebox

savings on working hours with BELMONDO rubber mats in horses´ looseboxes

Savings on working hours up to 28 %! Leaving more time for your horse!

Savings on bedding on rubber mat:

2062 kg / box / year without rubber mat

- 1440 kg / box / year with rubber mat

= 622 kg  less / box / year

Cost benefit on rubber mat:

Cost per year in EURO

Full bed on concrete flooring  

rubber mat
+ reduced bedding material

Depreciation allowance rubber mats (10 years)


Interest rate rubber mats (5 %)



Labour costs (15 €/working hour)



Bedding material (shavings: 7.5 €/20 kg)



- 304 EURO

Cost benefit of approx. 300 € per box per year!

+ further advantages such as reduced manure storage and disposal not taken into account!

Air quality & stable hygiene

Overall, the management system using rubber mats plus reduced bedding material was drier, which constituted conclusive evidence for all results.

  • concentration of ammonia: in both systems very low (far below the critical value of 10 ppm)
  • particulate matter: both systems more than 150 times lower than the critical value of 4 mg/m³
  • germs (enterobacteria, yeast, mould fungus): rubber mats tend to result in lower pollution

Source: Prof. Dr. B. Benz et al. (2013): Weniger Einstreu bei gleichem Komfort. In: Pferde Zucht & Haltung 1/2013, S. 66ff

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