Optimum underfoot conditions in the horse walker

Optimum underfoot conditions in the horse walker

Dr Matthias Baumann, equine veterinary surgeon, FEI vet and event rider talks about floor requirements in horse walkers:

"I have been looking into optimal matting for horse walkers for quite some time. Horses need to be able to move a lot, and not just those in rehabilitation. There are several aspects that are important from an animal welfare perspective (§ 2 of the German Animal Welfare Act, on Basic Care and Injury Prevention):

•        Absolute slip resistance for all kinds of weather and all seasons

•        Minimal track deformation (forming of grooves)

•        Easy to clean for superior hygienic quality

•        A soft yet firm surface that is gentle on equine joints

•        No excessive abrasion leading to increased

         particulate matter

•        Optimum electrical conductivity to ensure that training

         sessions are safe and risk-free

Sustainability and environmental awareness are also very important aspects for me and these include the following:

•        Manufacture in Germany

•        No manufacturing waste, as the flooring is custom-made for the walker

•        No adhesives used to bind the mats

That's why I'm a fan and enthusiastic promoter of BELMONDO® matting for horse walkers."

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