Ideal for key areas

For indoor washdowns choose BELMONDO® Walkpro. Due to the special surface the mat offers a good wet slip resistance.  

Especially for outdoor washdowns we recommend BELMONDO® Paddock. Its special rhombic profile offers good grip when wet. The knobbly underside fulfils two functions: it works as a shock absorber for the horse, and it also improves grip for its hooves. The flexibility of the mats makes it easy to remove frozen matter in the winter. The knobs also provide good drainage beneath the mat. The UV-resistant top coat makes BELMONDO® Paddock particularly robust and durable. That’s why it is often used in countries with hot climates. 



The products at a glance:


The premium Version – 
in an appealing design

detailed view
BELMONDO Walkpro Pferdematte aus Gummi für die Stallgasse


The allrounder - also for outdoor areas

detailed view
BELMONDO Paddock slip proof rubber paddock mat for horse stables

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