Protection and comfort for your horse

BELMONDO® rubber floorings enhance slip resistance. They support your horse when standing up and lying down. The horse-friendly softness benefits the hoof mechanism and protects tendons as well as joints. Rubber has a heat insulating effect: it protects against uncomfortable cold radiating from the ground, thus reducing muscle diseases, rheumatism and lameness. The noise reduction makes the stable a quieter place.

The reduced amount of bedding causes less dust exposure. The solid, vulcanised rubber does not become saturated. Together with good bedding management, this offers optimal hygiene. The stable climate improves considerably.


Fewer costs and less labour for you

The single mats sized 1 x 1 m are handy. Thanks to their exact interlocking joints they are very easy to install. So, they can easily be removed or replaced, e. g. for cleaning or moving. The rubber mats are easy to care all year round and easy to clean from manure.

 Due to the elastic flooring, ice layers and frozen horse droppings loosen very easily in winter. BELMONDO® rubber mats are highly resistant, durable and recyclable. They offer significant savings on bedding, thus reducing manure volume and storage costs.


BELMONDO® stable mats help you promote an animal-friendly stable management!

They minimize costs and labour – leaving more time for your horse!


Overview: the suitable BELMONDO® product for your horse

ApplicationSuitable products
Loosebox / lying areaBasic*Classic*Trend*, Kingsize Cover
Lying areaKingsize Duo
Walkway Walkway*Walkpro*
Washing areaWalkpro*Paddock*
Single paddock / trailsPaddock*
HorsewalkerMotion, Horsewalker
Paddock entrances / trails (soil)Flix
Passages with a slope / rampsStep
Anaesthesia and recovery penKingsize
AccessoriesBELMONDO® Drain gutter / Gully, VITA Top


Special dimensions are generally available on request.

Suitable for every type of shoe. 

The products presented here should only be used for the mentioned applications. Technical specifications are subject to alterations. All sales are subject to our General Terms and Conditions. Legal basis is the German version of the document.


Thickness +3/-2 mm
Length / Width: +/- 1.5% (DIN ISO 3302-1 tolerance class M4)

The tolerances also apply within the mat and when installed. 

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