BELMONDO® for lying areas: safe, comfortable, economical

Even if horses push the bedding to the edge, BELMONDO® rubber mats offer the necessary shock absorbance, sure-footedness and heat insulation. The loosebox mats are gentle on hooves, tendons and joints. Bedding is only needed to bind fluids. This means for you: less work with mucking, more time for your horse. And your horse stands and lies softly, warm and dry - 24 hours a day.

Also the stable climate is affected positively. Because of less bedding there is less dust. Furthermore, less pollutant gases, like ammonia, get in the air.


For each application the right mat.

Generally all BELMONDO® loosebox mats are also suitable for the lying area in open stables. Especially for lying areas in open stables/ in group-housing we recommend BELMONDO® Kingsize Duo. The extra-soft large-area system was especially designed for comfortable lying areas.


The products at a glance:


The proven basic version

detailed view
BELMONDO Basic horse stable mat made of rubber for horses´ looseboxes / lying areas


The comfortable one – for high demands

detailed view
BELMONDO Trend comfort mat made of rubber for horses´ looseboxes / lying areas

BELMONDO Kingsize Duo

The extra soft one


detailed view
BELMONDO Kingsize Duo large-area horse mat / stable flooring system for lying areas in the horse stable

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