Usually, installing BELMONDO® horse mats is easy. One person can lay out the about 20 kg weighing square metre mats for the loosebox, walkway and paddock by himself very well.

Normally no fixation to the ground is needed (floating installation). Through their own weight and their very exact puzzle seams, the mats lie stably on the ground. BELMONDO® Step is fixed to the ground by screws.

Several people are needed to install the large-area flooring systems.

installation instructions for BELMONDO rubber horse mats

Please take notice of the respective installation instructions!

You will obtain these with the delivery, at your local BELMOMDO® dealer or at Downloads »

Before installation please note:

  • surface fulfills certain criteria » (see prerequisites of the separate installation instructions)
  • mats have an even temperature: minimum 5 °C and maximum 30 °C

    If temperatures are below +5° C, it might be necessary to store the mats for several days in the building, so that the necessary even installation temperature is attained.

Installation – easy and fast:

  • cut off puzzle edges pointing towards the wall
  • leave 1-2 cm towards the wall as expansion joint

BELMONDO rubber horse mat installation overview

  • join mats – if necessary, cut to fit
  • Leftover pieces can be well used in a different place - wastage is minimized!
  • Tips for cutting:
    • moisten the blade lightly
    • bend the mats / pull them slightly apart
    • lay a board underneath – score – cut
    • for example the following tools are suitable for cutting: a carpet knife, sharp kitchen knife or a jig saw with serrated blade (for board/soft materials)

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