Animal welfare hand in hand with
environmental protection

Premium-quality rubber from resource-saving production

Scrap tyres are an ideal raw material: they served their lifetimes protecting you on the roads. With only a few millimetres of tread worn away, they make excellent materials for the manufacture of durable products for animal keeping, in which their important properties (stability of form, elasticity, abrasion resistance) are retained, so that the tyre's high-quality rubber can be reused in an ecologically sustainable way. Unlike typical mats made from new rubber, KRAIBURG mats require no rainforest destruction to make way for natural rubber plantations.

Our intelligent manufacturing process also makes it possible to reintroduce scrap rubber into the rubber cycle, meaning that our production is virtually waste-free.


We recycle per year: about 35,000 tonnes of rubber = about 7.5 million car tyres


Our purity rule: We refrain from regenerated rubber, textile fabric, chalk or other inferior fillers – for high-quality and environmentally friendly products!


Transparent testing for relevant pollutants

We are the first company to have registered our products for the DLG’s PAH test and passed with flying colours! 

The “Continuous Monitoring” quality seal involves being subject to regular testing in terms of responsible environmental and consumer protection.


What are PAHs?

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are formed during the combustion of organic materials and are found everywhere in our environment (for example burning of charcoal). Many PAHs are harmful to the environment and to health, some of them are considered to be carcinogenic.


It comes down to the plasticisers!

The decisive factor is whether or not PAHs are released (migrate) from
the products into the environment. If PAHs are included in plasticiser
oils, they are very mobile and highly volatile there. We replace traditional
plasticisers with plant-based oils from European cultivation – in food grade quality.

A DLG market survey shows that some stable mats currently on the market exceed the guideline values for PAH migration many times over and must be viewed as questionable.


Our passing the PAH test shows there are alternatives!


›› DLG test report "continuously audited"

›› PAH info leaflet "tested and certified"

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