There are many points in favour of BELMONDO® rubber floorings

Protection and well-being – more comfort for your horse

BELMONDO® horse mats improve slip-resistance and benefit the hoof mechanism. The appropriate softness prevents tendons and joints from overstressing.

For horses, this means less cold underfoot, thus entailing fewer problems with muscles, rheumatism and lameness.

And: the sound insulation makes the stable a quieter place!

Fewer costs and less labour

BELMONDO® horse mats help to reduce costs drastically. The amount of bedding required as well as manure volume and costs for storage will decrease considerably. Less bedding means less dust exposure, which contributes to a healthier climate in the stable.

There are also fewer working hours.

Furthermore, the considerable abrasion-resistance and durability make the mats exceptionally long-lasting and cost-effective.

Fast installation – easy maintenance

Rubber mats are easy and quick to lay, making self-installation very straightforward.

The BELMONDO® rubber mats are hygienic and easy to maintain, and the surface structure makes for easy cleaning. They dry fast and reduce the smell of ammonia, which is a common feature with other types of bedding.

BELMONDO® rubber mats help you promote an animal-friendly stable management!

They minimize costs and labour – leaving more time for your horse!

BELMONDO Classic - elastic rubber flooring

BELMONDO Trend - especially soft rubber mat for horses´ looseboxes

BELMONDO Horsewalker - tailor-made rubber flooring for horsewalkers

Product overview

Product overview Product overview

The adequate product for every application

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